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Frequently Asked Questions About LLLC

What time is worship on Sunday?

We worship every Sunday at 10am, and each service is a service of Holy Communion.  In the “season” (September – June), we do offer a Sunday bible education hour beginning at 8:45 am.  All are welcome to join in.  Worship typically lasts about an hour, give or take a few minutes.  So we’re normally done worship by around 11am or so. 


During Lent and Advent we typically offer special midweek or other worship services. Watch the church calendar for more information on these and any other worship opportunity (baptisms, funerals, weddings, etc.)

What’s appropriate dress for worship?

We’re interested in you, more so than your attire.  Dress casually if you wish. Bermuda shorts are OK for the men, if you prefer.  Similar dress for women.  No need to dress “up” for worship (coat and tie for men, and accordingly for women), although some folks do choose to throw on a sport coat every now and then.  No more suit and tie for the men and Sunday best for the women. We want you to feel comfortable here, so dress appropriately.  Plus, while the sanctuary is really well air conditioned, it’s just plain hot in south Florida.


What’s the gist of Lutheran worship? 

Lutheran worship, regardless of which particular “synod” or division you choose, is deeply sacramental, meaning that the 2 Sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion are at the center of all we do when we gather each week.  Not that we have a baptism every Sunday, but we do remember our baptisms, in our prayers, in the message from the pastor, and the like.  Plus, we do celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion every Sunday.


Lutherans believe that we are saved solely by the saving action of Jesus death, burial, and resurrection, and that there is nothing we can do, ever, to earn our own salvation. The grace in this saving act has, does, and will save us, opening for us the way to life eternal.  Pretty simple.


You can see more about what Lutherans believe at the ELCA’s (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America – our “big” church) at  Also, this church is part of the Florida/Bahamas Synod of the ELCA.  You can see more about this and other Lutheran churches in the area at  Another GREAT website! Check it out.


I/someone in my family has special needs.  What accommodations does the church make for me/us?

We’ll do all we can to help out.  We have ample handicapped parking (designated), and no steps to navigate to enter the building.  Our aisles are ample for wheelchairs or other devices as well.  Simply see a greeter/usher as you pull up to the front door of the church.


Our restrooms are handicapped accessible as well.


I’m coming from another Christian tradition (or, I’m coming from no Christian tradition at all.) What do I need to know about Holy Communion? 

Great question!  We invite all to come forward during the distribution of the Sacrament of Holy Communion.  Those not baptized may expect to receive a blessing from the Presiding Minister. Those baptized into other Christian traditions are invited to receive the Sacrament. We make no distinction about one’s faith background in order to receive the Sacrament. All are considered “beggars” at this table of grace, and none will be judged or turned away because of what they may believe about God.


Why all the sitting and standing in worship? 

Ever been to a sporting event?  A professional baseball game, football game, or the like, and your favorite player scores – a home run in baseball, the wining TD in a football game, or other similar thing?  What do we do, typically? We stand up…we clap.  It’s an important event in the game.


Think of it this way. The same thing applies here at worship. When important things happen – the gospel is read; we pray together; we prepare for Holy Communion, or we sing, we typically stand, indicating that this segment of worship is important.


What if I bring my young children to worship?  What’s available for them?

The church does have a room set aside for young children and parents, who may need to move around during worship. This room provides some privacy (and quiet) for young people.  We do have special materials and worship items for children.  Simply ask the Pastor, or an usher to seat you in this area of the church.


If you’re nervous about what to do with sitting and standing protocols, just follow along in your weekly bulletin, and follow the lead of the Presiding Minister, who’ll make sure you don’t do anything to make you feel out of place. 


What if I want to know more about this church, or about the Lutheran faith in general. What resources are available for me?

There are several things we can suggest. First of all, ask the pastor before or after worship for more specific information about this church, or the Lutheran church in general.  We also invite you to check out the wider church’s website at We think it’s one of the best websites on earth (never mind that it’s a church website.)  You can explore what we Lutherans believe; how the church is active in the world, and more. 


Second, since you’re already here, check out this church’s website for more localized information, our ministry partners, and so forth.

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