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A lot of history is created over 35 years as a congregation.  Here is just a capsule of that history.


March, 1985 – The American Lutheran Church (predecessor body of the ELCA) purchases 2.3 acres on 58th Ave. for a new Lutheran Church.


July, 1985 – Pastor William D. Wolfe and his wife, Barbara arrive in Vero Beach.


November 3, 1985 – 61 people gather for worship in the old chapel of Cox-Gifford Funeral Home.


April 6, 1986 – Living Lord officially organizes with 39 Charter Members.  The Charter is kept open until the second Sunday of Easter 1987.


December, 1987 – The congregation moves to its second temporary location at the corner of 58th Avenue and Rt. 60 and occupies the first floor of what is now   (The building was moved.)


November, 1993 – The first service is held in our 6,302 square foot building.


February 6, 1994 – 258 worshippers gathered for the dedication of the building.


January 31, 1995 – Pastor Wolfe retires.

Interim Pastor William Stremel serves as our pastor until the arrival of Pastor Paul E. Christ, along with is wife, Shirley.


December 17, 1995 – Pastor Christ is installed.

July, 1997 – The congregation approves the establishment of a Memorial Garden and Columbarium. 


November, 1997 – Pastor Christ accepts a Call to California.


December, 1997 – Pastor Thomas E. Sinn serves as our interim pastor until the arrival of Pastor Robert L. Cosmas and his wife, Janelle and son, Connor.  (Sarah and Asher were added to the family during his pastorate.)


July 26, 1998 – Pastor Cosmas is installed.


Easter Sunday, 1999 – The Columbarium is dedicated.


Easter Sunday, 2001 – The gift of an Allen organ is dedicated.


Reformation Sunday, 2003 – A baby grand piano is dedicated.

December, 2004 – Pastor Cosmas accepts a Call to Kissimmee, Florida.


January, 2005 – Pastor John Auer serves as our interim pastor until the arrival of Pastor David A.  Charlton and his wife, Dona and son, Sam.


November 20, 2005 – Pastor Charlton is installed.


February, 2007 – Living Lord purchases 2.3 acres to the north of us for $250,000.


November 18, 2007 – Hand bells are dedicated.


November, 2008 – The mortgage is burned for the additional purchased property.


Sunday, April 3, 2011 – Living Lord celebrates 25 years with Bishop Edward R. Benoway presiding.  Reception/dinner followed at Heron Cay community room.


May 10, 2011 – Funeral of Founding Pastor Emeritus William D. Wolfe, laid to rest in the Columbarium.


2011 – The exterior of the church is painted.


2013 – Saints Alive was formed; a monthly lunch gathering with speakers/entertainment.


November, 2013 – Family Service with Children’s Church begins on the first Sunday of each month.


May, 2014 – Church Council creates a Purpose Statement to accompany our Mission Statement: “Living Lord Lutheran Church is a family of believers, renewed through the Holy Spirit, to be the real presence of Christ in this place.”


2015 – Flag poles are installed in front of the church.  Church member Doug Klock had this as his project to become an Eagle Scout.


April 10, 2016 – Living Lord celebrates its 30th anniversary with Bishop Robert Schaefer presiding.  Reception/luncheon followed in Wolfe Fellowship Hall.


January 8, 2017 – Pastor Charlton farewell as he accepted a Call to northern Florida.


February, 2017 – Interim Pastor Robert Wolff served until his health failed in August followed by his death in December.


September, 2017 – Pastor Gregory Shreaves, recently retired, arrives to be our Interim Pastor.


October, 2017 – Dedication of new hymnals.

2017 - A Transition Team, worked through a checklist of items for the ministry assessment prior to the establishment of the Call Committee.


November 18, 2018 – The congregation celebrates its 25th anniversary of worshipping in our building.  Pastor Rob Carlson, representing Bishop Pedro Suarez, was our guest preacher for the day and a reception/lunch followed in Wolfe Fellowship Hall.


February 23, 2020 – A reception/luncheon is held in Wolfe Fellowship Hall for Pastor Shreaves who served as our interim from September, 2017 to February, 2020.  Pastor Shreaves retired for the second time.


February, 2020 – We welcomed Pastor Robert Endruschat as our interim.  After approximately two services, COVID restrictions were put in place and the church was closed.  Pastor Robert videoed Sunday services and also from his home and they were on YouTube.

The entire interior of the church is painted during this time.


June, 2020 – The church reopens following CDC guidelines for social distancing, wearing masks, etc.


During the Pandemic, the Call Committee worked diligently to find a new pastor for our congregation.  The Committee was informed Pastor Shreaves was coming out of retirement and the congregation voted to call him as our pastor on September 20, 2020.


April 11, 2021 – Living Lord celebrates its 35th anniversary and the installation of Pastor Gregory Shreaves.



William D. Wolfe/July 1985-January 1995

Paul E. Christ/June 1995-November 1997

Robert L. Cosmas/June 1998-December 2005

David A. Charlton/October 2005-December 2016

Gregory Shreaves/November, 2020 – present


Our 25th Anniversary Banner has 24 squares with each square representing one year

starting with Living Lord’s organization in 1986.  The squares are the liturgical colors

of the church year, purple, green blue and red.  Each square is tied with silver thread. 

The silver ring depicts our 25th year, Living Lord’s silver anniversary and the gold cross

is a reminder that Living Lord lifts high the cross of Jesus Christ.  Currently, this banner

hangs proudly in our church fellowship hall for all to see. 


Design idea by Barbara J. Wolfe

Design layout and construction by Rosalie Fanlo

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